Markus Mehr (Sound) and Stefanie Sixt (Visuals)
Audiovisual Live Performer

Markus Mehr and Stefanie Sixt started their collaboration in 2009. Their work is accentuated by the atypicality of the complimentary mix of artistic music in conjunction with the strong and rhythmic visual work.
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"DYSCHRONIA" (av live performance)
by STEFANIE SIXT (video) and MARKUS MEHR (sound)

01/06/2018, 23h
link to festival

28/04/2018, 20h and 22h
whiteBOX Gastatelier Im WERK3, Atelierstrasse 1, 3. Stock, 81671 Muenchen
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DYSCHRONIA V experimental movie selected for EUROPEAN MEDIA ART FESTIVAL 2018
sound system 20/04/2018, 22:15h
filmtheater hasetor, osnarbrueck

live 19:30h, 12.01.2017, SPEKTRUM | art science community, buerknerstrasse 12 12047 berlin
klick here for more informations on the spektrum berlin site

BRECHTBUEHNE AUGSBURG 19:30h, 20.01.2017
markus mehr (sound) und stefanie sixt (video)

live 14.12.2017, ECHO art, design and technology festival

preview B-Seite Festival Mannheim
03/17/2017, 21:30h, zeitraumexit, Kubus

live @ mannheim

premiere H2 Zentrum fuer Gegenwartskunst / Center for Contemporary Art
Augsburg, 04/22/2017, 20:30h

FIAV (experimental video festival) casablanca, morocco
04/25 - 04/30/2017
supported by goethe institut rabat

the experimental movie RE-DIRECTED IV , markus mehr (sound) und stefanie sixt (video) will be premiered at the
PORI FILM FESTIVAL, 23rd to 27th of november 2016

"RE-DIRECTED" live audiovisual performance by markus mehr and stefanie sixt
18.03.2016, zeitraumexit, kubus
link to b-seite festival programm

flyer re-directed album release

exhibition prague nod gallery
exhibition prague nod gallery

"SOMEWHERE INBETWEEN" (winner of CBM Art Price) (experimental movie)
by STEFANIE SIXT (video) & MARKUS MEHR (sound)
is exhibited at NoD Gallery Prague "somewhere Inbetween", "duck became swan" and "gymnasium / swarms" can be seen from jan 15 to february 14 2016


PREMIERE OF "RE-DIRECTED" (av performance by markus mehr and stefanie sixt)
will be held on
23rd of january 2015, 00:15h @ WORM

art laboratory LAB 30 augsburg, 29.10. - 01.11.2015

mehr sixt live pict

Does birth mean the beginning or the end of a certain period of development? Is respectively dead the start for something else? For sure birth determines an end... A reflection about stepping into and out of life circle.
The video is the winner of
Premiere of "SOMEWHERE INBETWEEN" on 19th of march 2015 at Regensburger Short Film Week
(selected for national competition)

Old Lady: Margarete Totzek
Baby: Lysan Luna Goeppel
Film by: Stefanie Sixt (
Music by: Markus Mehr (

is selected for

CONTEMPORARY VENICE - it is liquid intern. art show
in Venice at Palazzo Flangini (Italy), from December 15, 2014 till January 12th 2015
more info:

INTERNATIONAL ARTEXPO (international experimental video art festival)
in Venice at Palazzo Ca Zanardi (Italy), on November 19, 20 and 21, 2014 and
in Almeria (Spain) at MECA Mediterraneo Centro Artistico, on November 22, 2014
more info:

"GYMNASIUM SWARSMS" (experimental movie)

The video is visualizing the experience of the individuum within the space of creation.
The confrontation of human with duality leads to trinity, to multiplicity, simply the next step.
Consequently the process of developement itself.

"Gymnasium / Swarms" is taken from the album "Binary Rooms" by Markus Mehr, released by Hidden Shoal.

Music: Markus Mehr (
Video: Stefanie Sixt (

SUBLIMIT(Y) WATER Audiovisual Performance by Markus Mehr and Stefanie Sixt
Premiere: Long Night of Water, 15.06.2013, 23:15h
Moritzsaal, Augsburg

Water - a gift one part of humanity is wasting - the other one is in need of it. The western part of the world is taking it for granted that water is an unlimited resource - delivered by the water-tap.
"Sublimit(y) Water" by Markus Mehr (Sound) and Stefanie Sixt (visuals) transforms the alienation of human and nature into an audiovisual installation. By using self-recorded water sounds and footage of rivers and lakes shot around their hometown, they are building up an abstract artistic view on the issue of the necessity of awareness towards the need of reconnection with the goods we are given by nature.

supported by GoPro GoPro

B C H I J is an audiovisual, experimental examination of the five biggest communities of faith: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism - taken as examples for religious groups. The piece is an audiovisual observation and an exploration. There is no right or wrong. It is a contemplation, seen from a neutral point of view.
Electronic sound scores are mixed with alienated audio elements such as patterns of religious divinations. Wicked frequencies are the disturbing, irritating factor, not letting the listener lay back.
Abstract 3D Objects are representing the five communities of faith. They are embedded into spherical environments, that are temporarily associating brain wave activities or just evoke emotions, like freedom and restriction, belief and doubt.

Premiere: Abraxas Theatre, Augsburg, 05/04/2013
Bassart Festival Munich, 05/24/2013

When the hidden hit the surface - Duck Became Swan
When the wave went back into the ocean - Duck Became Swan
When love gave birth - Duck Became Swan
When light brought warmth - Duck Became Swan
When a dream came true - Duck Became Swan
When everything meant nothingness - Duck Became Swan
When six became seven - Duck Became Swan
When running meant stillness - Duck Became Swan
When the truth brought happyness - Duck Became Swan
When the swan kissed the duck - Duck Became Swan
When the daily little wonder happened - Duck Became Swan
When the sun came after the rain - Duck Became Swan
When the obvious emerged as illusion - Duck Became Swan
When the flowers started to bloom - Duck Became Swan
When sound and visuals became a new piece - Duck Became Swan

an empty church under construction was the extraordinary venue of the new audiovisual performance "transit" of markus mehr and stefanie sixt. the premiere took place at the moritz church, augsburg, 10/12/2011, 8p.m..

markus mehrsŤ mantric soundconglomerates are emphazised by technical various devices. these including iphone, guitar and analog filters. In part, they directly influence the parameters of the primarily geometric black and white visuals of stefanie sixt.

markus mehr and stefanie sixt have been developing their audiovisual performances since 2009. after "synchron" and "komo" ,"transit" is asking the question of a spiritual existence after the physical death.


KOMO is an aural Mantra. The introverted and self-contained a minimalistic string phrase circles upon itself. The use of a traditional canon compacts the already repetitive character of the piece.
Digital sound irritations by IPhone App, Laptop and analog distortion are conciously builing up a contradictory Dialogue, based on the melancholy atmoshpere of the loop.

The minimalistic progression of the sound elements are emphasized by visuals.

Comparable to the music the originally formalistic structures are opened out beyond recognition by stylistic devices as blur or reduction, as well as the manner of composition and mixing and are set into a new context.
The origin of the visuals are most of the times black and white nature shots, which remain in the end as a feeling.


Markus Mehr and Stefanie Sixt create a stand-alone piece by combining music and visual arts. On purpose sound-patches implement a latent visual quality, freed from structures and metrics, from greaceful noise to tasteful kitsch. The music is taken from the album "Lava" by Markus Mehr, published by Hidden Shoal Recordings, Australia in 2010.

The visuals are based on animated, colourized and partially longterm exposed, monochrome nature photographs. The pictures are already abstracted while the photographs are shot. By interweaving the clips form compositions are created - reminding of moving paintings.

This show was recorded at H2 - Museum for Contemporary Art, Augsburg, Germany.

COUSTEAU Music video
Song:Markus Mehr, video production: Stefanie Sixt, sixt sense
Label: Hidden Shoal Recordings, Australia, release: 11/01/2010

SYNCHRON - performed at Bassart 2010

Shows / Exhibits:

04/21/2018 WHITEBOX, Long Night of Music Munich
01/20/2018 BRECHTBUEHNE, Augsburg
12/14/2017 ECHO FESTIVAL, Dubai
04/26/2017 FIAV video art festival Casablanca, Institute Francaise, Morocco
04/22/2017 H2 - Center for Contemporary Art, Augsburg, Germany
03/17/2017 B-SEITE FESTIVAL Mannheim, Germany
03/18/2016 B-SEITE FESTIVAL Mannheim, Germany
18.03.2016 B-Seite Festival, Mannheim, GER
16.01.-14.02.2016 NoD Gallery, Prague, CZ
14.10.-18.10.2015 TIAF London, GB
18.10.-15.11.2015 Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti Turin IT 16.10.2015 Konsthallen Trollhaettan, Gasfestival Goeteborg, SW
15.10.2015 Atalante, Gas Festival Goeteborg, SW
14.10.2015 HOERBAR hamburg, GER
20.-25.01.2015 Intern. Film Festival Rotterdam, NL
12.12.2014.-15.01.2015 Contemporary Venice Palazzo Flangini, Venice, Italy
22.11.2014 intern. ArtExpo Mediterraneo Centro Artistico, Almeria, Spain
19.-21.11.2014 intern. ArtExpo Palazzo Zanardi, Venice, Italy
26.09.2014 Lichtfestival Ingolstadt, Exerzierhalle, Germany
16.11.2013 Kasseler Dokfest Augsburg, Germany
24.10.2013 '30 minutes, Ausland Berlin, Germany
21.09.2013 Kunstparcours Augsburg, Germany
12.09.2013 L'Etrange Festival Paris, France
15.06.2013 Long Night of Art Augsburg, Germany
24.05.2013 Bassart Festival Munich, Germany
04.05.2013 Abraxas Theater Augsburg, Germany
04.04.2013 Loophole Berlin, Germany
13.-20.03.2013 Short Film Week Regensburg, Germany
24.11.2012 Time Zones Festival, Teatro Forma, Bari, Italy
22.11.2012 Gallery Doppelgaenger, Bari, Italy
24.08.2012 "STOFF" Festival, Stockholm
16.06.2012 Night of the Arts, Augsburg
11.05.2012 Goeteborg Art Sounds Festival 2012, Goeteborg, Sweden
02.05.2012 Harare Festival of the Arts, Zimbabwe
17.02. + 18.02.2012 Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
10.12.2011 Premiere "Transit", Moritz Church, Augsburg
24./25.08.2011 Fringe Festival, Stockholm, Sweden
30.06.2011 Modular Festival Maximilianmuseum, Augsburg
28.06.2011 KissKiss Ballroom, Berlin
07.05.2011 Noise Fest, Augsburg
07.01.2011 MS Stubnitz - Hamburg
05.12.2010 Madeiradig - Music and Art Festival, Madeira, Portugal
06.11.2010 VJ Festival - Erlangen
05.11.2010 lab30 - Media Art Festival, Augsburg
23.10.2010 H2 - Museum for Contemporary Art, Augsburg
15.08.2010 Passionskirche, Berlin - Kreuzberg
14.08.2010 Gallery Systm (Digital in Berlin), Torstrasse 68, 10119 Berlin
15.05.2010 Bassart Festival Munich, Planetarium, Deutsches Museum
12.12.2009 Temporary Gallery "Muhackl oder Blutwurst", Augsburg