"Beauty on the Edge" Short Movie
Artists Stefanie Sixt (Video) and Martina Claussen (Sound) reflect on the themes of transience and the constant changes in life, as well as their resonance. Does transience imply an awareness of one's own finiteness with all its consequences, the aging process on one hand, but also the attainment of inner maturity on the other? "For me, transience includes a certain melancholy, drama, and at the same time, redemption. I am very interested in this complexity." (Claussen)
The prompt "photograph-woman-close--50-years-old-artist-in-style-of-margritte" in the AI Stable Diffusion results in an image of a woman at least 80 years old. "It seems as if the AI reflects a distorted image of society. Sixt questions postulated behavioral codes and the associated expectations of the self. Breaking free from paradigms is not an easy process, preceding it is a self-renewal and sensing of one's own limits.
Coming from different artistic backgrounds, they engage in a collaborative creative process, where each weaves their individual input into the overall artwork with their respective disciplines, resulting in the collaborative exchange giving birth to the short film.
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