December 30th 2020 h - 4 pm up to  January 1st, 2021  - 4 pm (CET)

18e Festival international Signes de Nuit (Signs of the Night)
 October 29th, 4pm (CET) up to Oct. 31th, 4 pm

Bluetopia illustrates a distance place of longing, an utopia open to everybody.

It is the manifestation of „Yesterday the world was in order“ and „It´s all gonna be fine soon“, a timeless, protected space, free from rejection and condemnation - floating.


The movie shows an animated collage of landscape photographs, taken by the Video Artist Stefanie Sixt at a magical place in the mountains of south Germany.

The movie is an hommage to this gorgeous place, to nature itself which is so much more powerful than we are. Human do push their boundaries pretty soon spending time in the mountains. A return of the essentials, a relativization of the proportionally importance of things in life. Humbleness becomes real.

The animation appears like a composition of cut outs in a foggy atmosphere - an animated set arranged as an abstract artistic landscape and space complex, inviting to daydream, to let go. It is a hommage to the pure beauty of nature. Just by rearrangement the wellknown, almost traditional turns into something abstract, reveals itself as something totally new.


Markus Mehr approaches the topic from a critical perspective. In an ecologically and economically completely unleashed modern age, in which urban society is largely responsible for the extinction of species, land grazing, the completely unsparing exploitation of land and water, the return to what we call "nature" could mean a silver lining on the CO2-impregnated horizon. Bluetopia starts dissonantly, melancholically, without clearly defined structures and transforms itself in the further course to a composition full of grace. The orchestral dissolution of the piece suggests a supposed perfection, a harmonic exuberance that contradicts the previous one. On a fragile surface, blurred and distorted motifs are reflected in a sound biotope full of melancholy.

PREMIERE_29/10/2020 - 31/10/2020

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