Image Film for German Sports Batch ( DOSB)
On behalf of the German Olympic Sports Association sixt sense (GER) produced an image clip in collaboration with the agency Steilpass (Stuttgart) to enhance the profit of the German Sports Badge.
The team was driven by a great spirit during production. A big 'thank you!' to all of them (Actors: Rüdiger Rudolph, Jil Leonhaeuser, Guest Role Katja Keller, Staff: André Götzmann, Nick Krause, Frank Baumann, Robert Czernich, Michael Baumberger, Markus Mehr, Britta Albrecht, Andrea Bitai. And of course our great sportpeople - the famous Markus Wasmeier, Johanna Welin, Andreas Dittmer and Miriam Hoeller.
And thank´s to the Deutsche Sport Marketing, DOSB - espcecially Anna Schoth and Nicole Antonik as well as the partners Ernsting´s family and Sparkasse and last but not least the City of Augsburg.
produced by sixt sense,
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