nominated for german design award 2020
PRODUCTION OF "DENIED" anti racism spot in collaboration with
FCA (soccer team), Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Ballet, Theater Augsburg
featuring Urs Meier (former swiss referee), Sivia Neid (former national coach of the german woman soccer team)
Photographs: © Sandra Kulbach, making of "DENIED", 2018
In everyday life it is often completely overlooked how people of different origin are already an integral part of our society. The quality of a group consists of the skills and talents of the individual and of a precisely coordinated togetherness.
In the spot, the power of a functioning team is exemplified by an orchestra, a ballet company and a football team.
And also how it would be, if all foreigners were removed.
It is important to the Augsburg filmmaker Stefanie Sixt, with the means at her disposal, to raise awareness of an urgent topic, to stimulate reflection and thus to contribute to more tolerance, compassion and peace.
initiated, produced and directed by sixt sense, stefanie sixt, sixt sense, camera: andre goetzmann
thank´s to our sponsors: cine mobil, arri media, schmid logistik AG, walter fensterbau, quentia IT solutions, lechwerke, media-d-sign, intersein stiftung, neverland
and to our supporters:
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