DYSCHRONIA V experimental movie selected for EUROPEAN MEDIA ART FESTIVAL 2018
sound system 20/04/2018, 22:15h
filmtheater hasetor, osnarbrueck, https://www.emaf.de/de/index.html


Time is money? Or is time not just simply time? Our perception of time seems to be a driven one, a disturbed and an acceleratingly unhealthy one.
Instead of living in the now and perceiving the things being around us, we are hunting from one appointment to another, on top of it every free second left is used for being online. Special offer - only until tomorrow!
A lifestyle mix of greed and wastefulness. Physical presence is increasingly unnecessary, but even so there still is a lack of time.
Since beginning of the human, the goal is to overcome time, immortality. Mechanic replacement parts of the body are already a reality, the upload of consciousness is part of the research currently done.
The one thing being lost nowadays is loss itself, because everything has a digital footprint. It seems we have overcome time without having had a fullfilled experience of it.
The precisely juncture-between sociocultural or rather philosophical observation is where the work of Stefanie Sixt and Markus Mehr starts.

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