An audiovisual space of experience, a creative process, multidimensional unfolding that caves in on itself to develop anew. The impulse is followed by the idea, manifested in a form that needs to be determined. Pro and contra are fighting for leadership, the creation of unusual realities, a game. The result is temporary, an expression for development, step three.

„Gymnasium / Swarms“ is visualizing the experience of the individuum within the space of creation.
The confrontation of human with duality leads to trinity, to multiplicity, simply the next step, meant to let something new arise. Consequently the video is representative for the process of developement itself.

Personal processes are general associated with the following phenomenas: Impulse, idea, euphoria, resistance, break down barriers, until you leave the tunnel behind to make way for the new.


The visuals consist of two abstract main objects: An almost black and white funnel-shaped figure, morphing from flat to nearly circular - evolving different layers, seemingly covered with dancing frequencies (thoughts). On the other hand coloured threedimensional forms of an elongated shape are rising up in the background - growing from seemingly at eye level to overdimensional - representing the thematic content - the central issue of current development..


The sound is a re-design of reality - an aural collage, consisting of several phonographs recorded in public places as well as private homes rebuild to an aural sculpture. The basic material is to a high extent taken from the noises that sourround us everyday. The overturned becomes audible, the background is set to front. Mutually exclusive sound combinations are combined, layered and encoded. Thru abstraction and sensitive arrangements a narrative composition is created.

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