Markus Mehr & Stefanie Sixt: "KOMO"
“Komo” is an aural Mantra. The introverted and self-contained minimalistic string phrase circles upon itself. The use of a traditional canon compacts the already repetitive character of the piece.
Digital sound irritations by IPhone App, Laptop and analog distortion are conciously builing up a contradictory Dialogue, based on the melancholy atmoshpere of the loop.

The minimalistic progression of the sound elements are emphasized by visuals.
Comparable to the music the originally formalistic structures are opened out beyond recognition by stylistic devices as blur or reduction, as well as the manner of composition and mixing and are set into a new context. 
The origin of the visuals are most of the times black and white nature shots, which remain in the end as a feeling.


24.+25.08.2011 "STOFF" Fringe Festival, Stockholm, Sweden
30.06.2011 Modular Festival Maximilianmuseum, Augsburg
28.06.2011 KissKiss Ballroom, Berlin 
07.05.2011 Noise Fest, Augsburg 
07.01.2011 MS Stubnitz - Hamburg
05.12.2010 Madeiradig - Music and Art Festival, Madeira, Portugal
06.11.2010 VJ Festival - Erlangen
05.11.2010 lab30 - Media Art Festival, Augsburg
14.08.2010 Gallery Systm (Digital in Berlin), Berlin
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