The music video "On Movement" (produced by sixt sense) is part of the earbook "Insight Outside" created by Bertil Mark. The piece "Ghop" (Bert-ill meets Michael Wollny) is one of 26 songs published, composed by diverse artists.

In addition, several videos are produced, one being: "On Movement". It is an audiovisual journey through Mexico, shot in 1999 by Stefanie Sixt on Super8. Sometimes more than a decade passed by until all elements of a project come together to one point. The poet Lydia Daher completed the piece by adapting one of her poems to the video, Type Design by Andrea Bitai.

Traveling means seeking and finding impressions, people and inspiration.
During our lifetime we are following up ideas of what we imagine could be ideal, trying to catch a goal. If we can reach it the goal might look quite different from what we originally thought of. There are two ways of seeing it: Getting stuck at the unfulfilled or move on to take the next adventure.

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