RANK - experimental video on sound

RANK is taken out of the album Liquid Empires by Markus Mehr, published by Hidden Shoal, Video by Stefanie Sixt.
Over the course of more than two years, Mehr recorded the sound of rivers, lakes and oceans, then set about transforming these sonic source materials in the digital domain using spectral analysis and time manipulation software. The result is some of Mehr’s most mesmerising compositions to date, teasing out harmonic patterns and microscopic textures that are beautiful as they are mystifying.

His long term collaborator video artist Stefanie Sixt has created an experimental movie by using self shot footage from under and above water and distorted it digitally. Sometimes the obvserver is getting lost - is loosing itself into the little morphing world.

RANK was presented on the goethe world wide website

and chosen for the competition at short film festival regensburg (kurzfilmfest regensburg) 2019

links: markusmehr.de sixt-sense.de hiddenshoal.com

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