Binary processing conglomerates, Virtual parallel universes and data transfers in tera speed are leading the urban human progressively into a digital surrealism. Informations are becoming products and means of payment - respectively both together. The uncritical reliance on the unvisible and silent system is consequently leading to the danger of abuse, infiltration of privacy and to the ultiamately means the foreseeable end of self-determination. The momentum of ubiquitous control is leading society to an economic, political, and also ethical, moral and cultural tipping point. The resulting questions are the subject matter of the audiovisual performance Re-Directedì by Mehr and Sixt.


The visuals are exploring and revealing the imperceptible, making the invisible visible by putting the focus on the interfaces used as monitoring instruments.


The auditory revelation of initially non-physical and numerical constructs toward the physically perceptible is subject of the sound.

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