Binary processing conglomerates, virtual parallel universes and data transfers in tera speed are leading the urban human progressively into a digital surrealism.
An observation of a seemingly impenetrable universe of innumerable mathematical components, digital processes and electronic impulses are observed, converted, then edited to be presented acoustically. Arithmetic operations on servers, smart phones, wireless routers and hard drives entering a new space of perception via transformation by using induction microphones. The inaudible becomes audible.
The visuals are exploring and revealing the imperceptible, making the invisible visible by putting the focus on the interfaces used as monitoring instruments.
The interfaces and information transmitting frequencies are visualized abstract and to a high extent in black and white.
Picture and sound are interacting, each increasing the other´s respective effect, in parts symbiotically, in parts consciously dissonant.

Music: Markus Mehr, Video: Stefanie Sixt

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