Platinum Award Best Screendance Short, best experimental ShorT August 2020
indie X filmfest l.a.
Outstanding Achievement Award October 2020
INDie SHORT fest l.a.
november 2020
DEEP FOCUS FILM FESTIVAL Brooklyn august 2021

Humanity seen as a systemic combination and the individual taken as a single component in the system, principles, patterns and structures become effective like it can be found in a closed system. Displacements or movements within those mutually influence each other and evoke complex interactions within the construct on a material, informal, energetic and transcendental level.
Transformed to life in general - the human in particular - the individual existance is influencing the immediate surrounding starting with birth: Parents, siblings, future friends affect the development of life, the creation or the acquired knowledge influence on the environment. Considered and assessed from a broader viewpoint, respectively in times of global networking acts of certain individual actors have wordwide impact. An exclusion of singular individuals is not possible nor rational.
The dancers, choreographed by Ricardo Fernando, are an exemplary for the conciousness and the power of the interconnectedness (a net seems to interlink the abstract dancers) and on the other hand the perception of isolation, transported visually with a real image.
The movements seem as if the figures swam in space, as if they wished to experience their own limitations. There is a delayed reaction to each other and still they appear as a solid motion body.
Markus Mehr outlines the thematically poles with monophonic and monotone analog basses on one hand, and with stereophonic, digitally edited orchestral collages full of harmony on a further level. In the course of the piece, the singular one-dimensionality of the bass nestles to the orchestral sound bed through tonal adjustments and plunges into a whole full of grace.
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