TRANSITaudiovisual live performance
 by MARKUS MEHR (sound) and STEFANIE SIXT (visuals)
an empty church under construction was the extraordinary venue of the new audiovisual performance "transit" of markus mehr and stefanie sixt. the premiere took place at moritz church, augsburg at 12/10/2011, 8pm.
to be seen next at supermarket art fair, stockholm, 02/17 + 02/18/2012

markus mehrs´ mantric soundconglomerates are emphazised by various technical devises. these including iphone, guitar and analog filters. In part, they directly influence the parameters of the primarily geometric black and white visuals of stefanie sixt.

markus mehr and stefanie sixt have been developing their audiovisual performances since 2009. after "synchron" and "komo" ,"transit" is asking the question of a spiritual existence after the physical death.
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